A Little Bit of Life

Ever get that feeling lile someone just threw off to the side?

Yeah…I’m experiencing that right now.

"You make friends easily" - my parents

Oh really? Then why am I home every night instead of hanging out with them?

The fact is, I’m moving in 3 weeks and the number of friends I have that know this could probably be counted on my hands alone. That’s it. I hardly talk with anyone from high school (if at all). Any friends I made over the past 4 years have stopped taking to me, except one or two. The people I’ve tried reconnecting with say one or two things and just quit talking.

I do have Kristina and I’m extremely grateful that I found her. I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world. I love that she doesn’t get sick of talking to me (I hope haha). I can’t wait to be with her again in a few weeks. It’ll be amazing to be able to finally see her everyday.

Is there something that I do/say something that causes that drives people to just flat out stop talking to me? Seriously, this is getting annoying.

Happy National Librarian Day!

Go thank a librarian for putting up with your overdue books.

Happy National Eggs Benedict Day!

Happy National Eggs Benedict Day!